A Voice for the Voiceless: Missionaries to start Lawrence County home for domestic violence victims

Lisa and Jeremy Eady, founders of Revival Arrows ministry, plan on opening a home for victims of domestic violence.

Everywhere God sent Jeremy and Lisa Eady as missionaries, they saw the impact of domestic violence, from the Ukraine to Guatemala to Mexico to Georgia to Alabama. They heard about the women’s pain, insecurities, hopelessness and low self-esteem.

“For years we have had the vision in our heart to open a home for women and children who suffered domestic violence and to be their voice. God has prepared us little by little for this moment. This was God’s plan. He was preparing us for this moment the whole time. We hope to open our first home in Lawrence County in early 2020,” Lisa Eady said.

They will call it the FaithLynn House in honor of Eady’s sister and daughter — both survivors of domestic situations.

“In ministry you meet a lot of people at their lowest. Throughout our journey, the Lord kept putting victims of domestic violence in our path. We saw the mindset of these women. I saw it in my own sister and daughter. They quit dreaming and they kind of just survive and exist. It is our goal to help them experience wholeness and find hope again,” Eady said.

A benefit singing on Sept. 14 will raise funds for the FaithLynn House. The singing at 335 Lawrence County 240 in Moulton will begin at 6 p.m. and feature The Cole Family and The Pylant Family.

“Our mission is to get the message of hope and joy and peace in people’s lives through music,” said Brandon Pylant, who leads the group, which includes his wife Melina, son Aaron, daughter Bethany and sister-in-law Elisha Terry. “The more we found out about the FaithLynn House, about the battered women and children it would serve, the more we wanted to be part of the mission.”

For Jeremy and Lisa Eady, international missionaries and founders of Revival Arrows Ministry, FaithLynn House is a project 15 years in the making. After hearing a colleague talk about the need for long-term housing for victims of domestic violence, the Eadys acted.

“I had been counseling women leaving domestic situations free for years. But after I finished counseling them, we would send them to others. Jeremy and I started asking the question, what if we had our own place for them to go,” Lisa Eady said.

Since January, Jeremy Eady, who grew up in Flint, and Lisa Eady, who grew up in Danville, formed a six-member board, lined up counselors, psychologists, life coaches and nurses, created a nine month program and started searching for property in Lawrence County.

As the ministry’s guiding verse, they chose Proverbs 31:8-9. “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. Ensure justice for those being crushed. Yes, speak up for the poor and helpless and see that they get justice.”

The program will include three months of intense counseling focused on healing followed by six months of classes. The women will attend Bible study and financial classes and receive assistance in finding employment.

“This will be more than a shelter, it will be a place of shelter. It will be faith based, but it is about more than their life with the Lord. It is about their hopes and dreams and rediscovering themselves,” Lisa Eady said.

The Eadys envision seven women living in the FaithLynn House at a time. The Lawrence County house, they said, would be the first of many across the country.

“Domestic violence is prevalent everywhere. There are smart, strong women all over the world suffering in silence,” Lisa Eady said.

According to the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, domestic violence made up 16% of the 27,000 violent offenses reported in 2017 and the 32,178 domestic assaults in 2016 made up 40% of all simple assaults reported.

The FaithLynn House will be open to any woman in need. The Eadys also plan on partnering with immediate-need shelters and long-term facilities to find the right place for each woman.

“Our prayer is that our heart would be ready and that God would give us the grace to handle every woman that comes our way. We will not turn anyone away. We pray that they would be able to receive wholeness through Christ and be able to dream again,” Eady said.

Along with performances by The Pylant Family and The Cole Family, the benefit singing on Sept. 14 will include a bake sale and T-shirt sale.

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