Basse Trading Company: a family-owned business with local families in mind

Basse Trading Company, a family-owned antique and collectibles store that opened in Moulton with intentions to breathe life back into downtown, celebrated its third birthday last week.  

Owner Elizabeth Lewis and her daughter, Katherine "Katie" Logan, first opened Basse Trading Post at 105 E. Sixth Street in Tuscumbia in 2016. With plans to expand to Lewis' hometown, the two opened Basse Trading Company at 716 Main Street in October of 2017.  

"Right now, there's a heart of being proud of downtown Moulton again. We want to be part of the new growth," Lewis said about the store's opening. "We want people to come in our store and see things they grew up with," she said.

The store's name also rings with a nostalgic tune. Basse was the name brought to America from England by Lewis' ancestors. She said her maiden name, Bass, came sometime after the drop of the "e" in her family history.

Not to be confused with the outdoor chain, Bass Pro Shops, Lewis decided to use the old version of her name when starting her business. 

Since 2017, Lewis said the Moulton store has worked hard to stay true to the goal of stocking local products. They offer candles made in North Alabama, Moulton tee shirts, and some local collectibles, including vintage quilts.

"We like to keep things in the store that come with a story," she said.  "Most of the vintage quilts we have came from right here in Lawrence County. If we can get things that are local and have a story behind them, that's a benefit." 

Lewis said the Moulton tee shirts the store keeps in stock are supplied by a Lawrence County man, Cody Wilkerson, who designed the Moulton logo tees incorporating an oak tree while he was in college.   

"We're also starting a line of wood products that are custom designed," Lewis said. "We're doing door hanger-type things, cutting boards, clocks—they're all one-of-a-kind because we're not doing production. We've gotten a lot of out-of-state interest in the products we're trying to boost." 

The store owner said her company has partnered with Jessica Emrick, who has a degree in fine arts and a laser CNC machine in town, to produce the custom-made products. 

“Jessica handles all the designs herself. She really doesn't pull from a generic design site. She comes up with some really neat things," Lewis said

Basse Trading Company has a great selection of gift items like jewelry and monogrammed linens as well. They also supply John's Crazy socks, which aren't from a local business owner but have their own unique story, Lewis said.

John's Crazy Socks is a company inspired by co-founder John Lee Cronin, who has down syndrome. With help from his father, Cronin shares his love for crazy socks with delighted customers across the country, now including Moulton thanks to Lewis and Logan. 

 "We have customers who come in and recognize the brand and purchase them just because their John's Crazy Socks," Lewis said. "We're fortunate to supply them in our store."

Basse Trading Company is open on the Moulton square each Thursday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information, call 256-702-9838.  

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