Lawrence County Archives scavenger hunt ends June 30


The Lawrence County Archives is holding a historical scavenger hunt through June 30 to help promote history and tourism in the area. A grand-prize winner could take home $100 while two runners up will receive $25 for identifying at least 40 of Lawrence County’s historical sites hinted in the Archives’ list of clues. 

The contest began May 10 and will end June 30, according to Archivist Wendy Hazle. She said winners will be announced July 2.

To qualify to win, participants must have a printed list with the correct name of each site or historical marker listed beside the clue—clue sheets may be picked up at the Lawrence County Archives on Main Street in downtown Moulton or requested via email; participants must also submit photos of themselves at each correctly identified historic site.

Photos and completed clue sheets may be turned in at the Archives or submitted in an email, Hazle said.

“While you must have at least 40, whoever has the most correct will be the winner. The next two entries with the most correct answers will each receive a $25 prize,” Hazle posted to social media after announcing the contest. She said the goal is to raise public awareness for many of Lawrence County’s historical sites hiding in plain sight. 

“You pass these places every day without ever stopping, some might not even notice these historical spots are there,” she said. “This is a great way for people to get out. Some folks are still not traveling because of COVID, but this is a safe, fun way for families to explore our county and learn a little history.”

She said the idea for the scavenger hunt came from Lawrence County History and Preservation Society member Ann Britnell. Hazle said she knew she wanted to hold a contest, and Britnell came up with the scavenger hunt concept.

“I’d like to hold some kind of contest every spring to keep people interested in our history,” Hazle said. “If you preserve what you’ve got, you can start bringing in tourism. Tourism sells—if we preserve and promote our history, people will come.”

Hazle said she is always open to other suggestions from the public, whether it’s a suggestion for a contest or if there’s something specific a visitor would love to see from the Archives.

“We’re a huge resource for citizens of the county. Here at the Archives, we’re doing a lot of work trying to preserve history, but also trying to make it fun with this contest,” said Hazle.

“If you have something on your property that you think might be of historical significance, call me. I want people to know the Archives is here for them. If I don’t have an answer or can’t find one, I will find someone who can.”

For more information about the contest or other projects ongoing at the Lawrence County Archives, call 256-974-1757 or email 

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