Courtland mayor has high hopes for historic downtown

A new mural celebrating Courtland’s rich history as well as new advances being made at Lockheed Martin in Courtland was unveiled last week. Mayor Linda Peebles said she is excited about new growth in the historic town. 

The historic town of Courtland is indeed “headed to new heights” following a dedication ceremony for Lockheed Martin’s newest facility at the Courtland site and the unveiling of a mural in downtown Courtland the same day. Mayor Linda Peebles says she is also optimistic the town is seeing new growth after a few businesses announced plans to open downtown in early 2022. 

After the grand opening of a new 65,000-square-foot facility at the Lockheed Martin Courtland location last Monday, the hypersonic missile manufacturer also unveiled a mural commissioned by Lockheed Martin in downtown Courtland just before noon. 

The mural, painted by Huntsville artist Jessie Andrews, celebrates Courtland’s rich history in Army fighter pilot training during WWII as well as Lockheed Martin’s advancement in the missile defense industry. 

The mural reads “Headed to new heights,” and is located on the corner of Tennessee Street. 

“We’ve got such a beautiful little historic town, and this just adds to the beauty of it,” Peebles said. 

She said the mural will be featured in the North Alabama Mural Trail, which is promoted by the Alabama Mountain Lakes Tourist Association (AMLA), and should generate additional foot traffic downtown.

The North Alabama Mural Trail promotes a self-guided tour of more than 125 murals in Alabama’s 16 northernmost counties, according to AMLA. Details about each mural and their locations can be accessed online at 

Peebles said the mural is painted along the side of a building that will eventually house a new restaurant, Daddy’s Place. The new soul food restaurant, once known as M&M Soul Food, is expected to open sometime in early 2022. 

She said another downtown business, Ms. Jane’s Antiques, which is only open a few days a week as remodeling takes place, is expected to open at full capacity soon once the entire building is refurbished. Peebles also plans to open an eclectic gifts and souvenir shop in the former Tennessee Valley Bank building after the first of the new year.

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