Lawrence County 4-H  Competitive Events go virtual

Lawrence County 4-H Program Assistant Marsha Terry

Lawrence County 4H Competitive Events, which are going virtual this season, invites 4H youth (ages 9 to 18) to enter up to three events to show their project skills. 

If they are not a currently enrolled 4H youth, you can request an enrollment form from our office or enroll your child online at A link to download the registration form and basic project descriptions can be found at

Events to enter include:

Freestyle Demonstration, $15 Challenge, Freestyle Showcase, Photography: The World I see, Photography: The World I Imagine, Have I Got a Story, Interior Design, Chef 4-H, Graphic Design, What Wood U Build (Junior: foot stool, Senior: bookcase), 4-H Board games-themed Bake Off, Speak Up Alabama, Blocks Rock, eXtreme Birdhouse, Art of Container Gardening, and Growing an Edible Container.

 Links to the rules of the various contests can be found or stop by the office to see a printout of the various contests.  

For example: for the $15 Challenge, the rules are that the youth does not spend more than $15 on an outfit (top and bottom, or a one-piece like a dress), submits a receipt, which can be printed or handwritten from a yard sale purchase. The virtual submission can be images of the youth with the outfit on and a photo of the purchase receipt. 

Another example: for Chef 4-H, a youth needs to prepare a recipe, while also providing nutritional information. The project should be performed within 5 to 10 minutes. The virtual submission can be a video of the youth preparing the recipe and providing the recipe. The submission can be a link to the location of the video and a PDF or image of the recipe.

The deadline to register is March 12. This will give youth and parents time to read through the rules of the various events and to select up to three to commit to do. 

Participants have until April 13 to submit those entries. All entries will be submitted online, either with digital images, videos, or video links. If you need assistance in taking images of your project or recording a video contact us; we can try and make accommodations.  The link to the online location to place the files is on the registration form. 

Winners will be announced in May.

The Lawrence County Extension office is located at 13075 AL Hwy 157, Suite 6—across from Mel’s Steakhouse. For more information, call 256-974-2464 and ask for Marsha Terry, the 4-H program assistant.

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