A Logger Basics class, hosted by the Lawrence County Extension Office to discuss topics “relevant to today’s loggers and foresters,” is returning to Moulton next week, according to organizers. The course will be held at the Moulton Lions Club facility on Tuesday, Nov. 16, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

“There are 1,500 loggers in Alabama making an impact in every county of the state while supporting our largest industry,” Extension Coordinator Donna Shanklin said. 

She said the course, “Logger Basics in the Modern World: Safe with your life, your money and your load,” will cover topics including safety and responding to job site emergencies, best management practices for roadways, financial management and investing, notifying authorities for roadway entry, and preventing delays and fines by meeting truck requirements.

“The program is sponsored-in-part by the Alabama Treasure Forest Association. We hope to have a log truck onsite to do a walk-around and other hands-on activities,” she added. The program is also made possible by a partnership between the Extension Office and an Alabama Professional Logging Manager (PLM) program.

A registration fee of $25 for the course will include a meal and opportunities to win door prizes, organizers said. 

The event will feature local speakers Lawrence County Engineer Winston Sitton, Lawrence Coroner Scott Norwood, attorneys Jerome Thompson and Mandy Hill, and others. Speakers from Montgomery, including the Alabama Forestry Commission’s Carey Potter, will also be available for the discussion, Shanklin said.

Those interested in attending may register online at https://www.aces.edu/event/logger-basics-in-the-modern-world/.  Class size is limited to 25 participants.

For questions or more information, contact Shanklin at 256-974-2464, or visit the Lawrence County Extension Office, located at 13075 Suite 6 on Alabama 157 in Moulton. 

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