If you visit The Country Network’s (TCN) website, have access to the network’s app via the streaming service Roku, or watch full episodes on Youtube, it won’t take long before you recognize some familiar faces. Steve Oliver, a singer/songwriter, producer and narrator from Moulton, and Kenny “Frog” Johnson, a bricklayer and stone chimney builder for the better part of a half century, from the Speake area, are both front and center in the new series “Alabama Shine.” The show, which follows Jimbo Bray and Johnny Griffis, who placed first and second, respectively, in Discovery Channel’s “Moonshiners; Master Distiller” competition in 2019, is all about moonshine distillation and what makes the state’s spin on the alcoholic beverage so unique, and tasteful at that. 

After years of writing and singing about moonshine in his music, Steve was introduced to Jimbo and Johnny, which is how he got the idea to create a show blending his music with the distilling expertise of the two master distillers. He said, “the idea was an organic one meant to showcase moonshine and music, an obvious pairing to salt of the earth folks like this team of outlaws”. Before being picked up by TCN, Steve filmed a pilot for the show using his own resources that included guest appearances from musicians like Jelly Roll and Nikki Nelson, whom he met in the industry. The pilot caught the attention of TCN’s CEO Tommy Snyder, who quickly struck up a deal for 10 additional episodes, “and so the fun began” said Steve. 

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