Moulton Head Start recognizes local educators in 2020 Principals Forum

Lawrence County Superintendent Jon Bret Smith receives appreciation from Moulton Head Start Director Edie Dugger and Assistant Director Carolyn Bracking Orr. 

In lieu of an annual face-to-face Lawrence County Principals Meeting, which was altered due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Moulton Head Start recognized 2021 educational leaders of Lawrence County last week.

“Although we are not able to gather together and celebrate the wonderful legacy of education in Lawrence County, we can pause to recognize the camaraderie, commitment, and confidence of our community,” Moulton Head Start Assistant Director Carolyn Brackin Orr said. “Moulton Head Start, along with the entire Community Action Partnership of North Alabama family, understands the vital importance of joining together with others to provide resources.”

The early learning center partners with other entities to meet the needs of children, families and Lawrence County citizens, Orr said. 

Moulton Head Start presented gift bags to each of the school principals in the area and thanked the Lawrence County School System “for allowing (Moulton Head Start) to be a part of the early learning process.”

“We are grateful for the partnership you have shown towards Moulton Head Start and look forward to working with you in the future,” Orr said. “We are not in competition with local schools for children. We are partnering to serve the needs of all the children in our community.”

Moulton Head Start Director Edie Dugger also thanked the school system for the continued partnership. 

“Pooling our resources is beneficial to every entity involved, but most of all to the children we serve,” she said. 

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