Hatton excited to provide seniors with closure

Hatton's Connor West shows off the sign and shirt that were delivered to Hatton seniors

It’s been a rough few months for the class of 2020 seniors. 

The arise of Covid-19 forced the closing of schools in March and ended the seniors final year before it reached its climax. 

Schools have been doing what they can in recent weeks to help seniors get through these troubling times. 

This includes Hatton High School. Teachers have been doing what they can to communicate with their seniors and students and last week the teachers went out hand delivering personalized signs and t-shirts to each senior. 

“Our teachers have been in constant communication with our students, checking in on them and making sure they have everything they need. Our  coaches likewise have been checking in on their players,” said Hatton Principal Anthony Inman. “This is a hard time for everybody and we believe that keeping good communication with our students is key.” 

It has been hard for everybody involved, but hard especially for the seniors, who saw their last year come to an end right when it was supposed to get to the best parts. 

The personalized signs and shirts were great gestures by the school, but the biggest piece of great news the seniors could get was the announcement that graduation would go as originally planned. Even if it did come as somewhat of a shocking surprise. 

“It surprised me as I think it did a lot of people,” said Inman. “We had been hearing about possibly having to have it in June. But we’re excited that we get to have it as planned.” 

There will be guidelines for the graduation set by the school board, and there will also be guidelines set by each school, although those have yet to be divulged. 

“We’re working on those right now and we hope to have them set and announced either by the end of this week or the beginning of next,” Inman said. “I expect that what we have will be similar to what other schools are doing.” 

Signs and shirts are all nice gifts to give, but Inman says graduation as planned is probably the best thing they can give the seniors at this time.

“This has been tough for the seniors. They’ve missed out so much like prom and awards day,” he said. “To be able to have a traditional graduation ceremony, even if it’s modified a little, as originally planned instead of postponing it is something I think they’re more appreciative of.

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