Moulton approves vehicle purchases for city departments


Moulton Council members approved four vehicle and equipment purchases for city departments in a regular monthly meeting Monday night. 

The council approved the purchases for the utility departments, the license and billing department and for the police department 3-0. District 4 Council member Cassandra Lee and District 5 Council member Brent White were not present. 

Mayor Roger Weatherwax said the city’s fiscal 2021 budget allows for each of the purchases, which included a lease to own contract with Warrior Tractor for a John Deere mini excavator for the city’s water and gas departments. Weatherwax said the excavator is being used during construction of the new ballfields at the H.A. Alexander sports complex.

Council members also approved the purchase of two Dodge Ram 1500s from the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs, one for $7,500 and the other vehicle for $8,650. Weatherwax said one of the vehicles will be used by Building Inspector Renay Saint. The second vehicle will be used for mosquito and pest control throughout the city in the summer months.

Council members also approved the purchase of a 2021 Dodge Charger, which will replace Police Chief Craig Knight’s Ram truck. Weatherwax said the truck is being sold at auction and should bring the city about $26,000 to help cover the $31,428 cost of the charger. 

In a regular council meeting earlier this year, Knight told the council new chargers are about $8,000 cheaper than new trucks or SUVs. He hopes to eventually replace all department vehicles with the cars. 

In other business, council members also approved a franchise agreement with Joe Wheeler EMC for five years. Moulton will receive a franchise fee for 5% of JWEMC’s gross revenues for fiberoptic lines serving the city. Weatherwax said the agreement is similar to other franchise agreements Moulton holds with internet providers AT&T and Spectrum. 

Moulton City Council will hold its next regular meeting on Monday, June 21. All meetings are held at City Hall at 5 p.m. and are open to the public. 

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