Trinity woman arrested on drug charges in Moulton


A Trinity woman faces several charges, including drug possession and promoting prison contraband, after failing to yield to police during a traffic stop in Moulton last week. 

Rachael Leanne Scott, 24, was seen driving a Toyota Camry on Alabama 24 shortly after officers were alerted to a possible intoxicated driver in the area on Wednesday, May 5, according to a report from the Moulton Police Department. 

According to the report, Police Capt. Russell Graham first observed the vehicle near the AL-24 and County Road 213 intersection.

“Capt. Graham observed the vehicle cross over into the oncoming lane and immediately attempted to stop the vehicle. However, the driver, Rachael Leanne Scott, accelerated and continued traveling on County Road 213,” the report said. “The driver then turned onto County Road 173 and [traveled] approximately one mile before coming to a stop.”

During the traffic stop, Graham discovered there were two failure to appear warrants for Scott and that she was in possession of marijuana and medication for which she did not have a prescription, according to the report.

Scott was arrested and taken to the Lawrence County Jail, where officers discovered she was also in possession of a small quantity of cocaine, and she was concealing a knife, a vaping device and two cigarette lighters in her bra. 

Scott is charged with possession of a controlled substance, second degree possession of marijuana, possession of prescription medication without prescription, failure to yield to an emergency vehicle, driving on the wrong side of the road, driving with a suspended license, operating a vehicle with no tag, operating a vehicle without insurance, and first-degree promoting prison contraband. 

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