As the Jackson House Foundation continues its raffle fundraiser for the historic home in Moulton, JHF Director Tammy Roberts said the organization is also readying for an annual BBQ sale this fall.

The Jackson House Foundation will begin preselling barbecue butts by former Auburn football player Pat Johnson about two weeks before the pickup event in October, Roberts announced this week.

She said 24 butts will be cooked and ready for pickup on Friday, Oct. 23, and 24 butts will be available to pick up the following Saturday in a Fall fundraising event. Butts will go on sale for $40 before the event.

Johnson, who was taken under the wing of Pit Master Myron Mixon, also makes and sells his own BBQ sauce, Roberts said.

“He makes the best BBQ sauce I’ve ever eaten in my life,” she said. “He’s making a new one this time too, it’s a peach-mustard BBQ sauce, which sounds interesting.”

JHF Committee members plan to host a bake sale and will also have quart-sized sides and white sauce available for purchase during the BBQ pickup event.

Roberts said the foundation hopes to have live music entertainment each night of the fundraiser, and she said the foundation will hold the drawing for its oil-painting raffle on the second night of the BBQ pickup event.

The Jackson House Foundation began selling raffle tickets for a $1 donation earlier this Spring in place of an annual Spring Celebration the non-profit had to cancel in April due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

For each raffle ticket received, the donors will have a shot at winning a 16-by-20-inch oil painting by Carol Terry, Roberts said. The foundation had sold 1,000 tickets as of Monday and will continue selling raffle tickets until Oct. 24, she added.

“We’ve done well with the ticket sales,” she said. “It’s helped us pay our bills and helped with other unexpected expenses that have come up. Those sales have really helped to keep us afloat.”

 For the $1 donation, the raffle winner will have a shot at a 16-by-20-inch oil painting by local artist Carol Terry, valued at $320, Roberts said.

“The winner can submit a photo to Carol and have her paint it,” Roberts explained. “You can submit a family photograph you’ve always wanted painted or a picture of your pet. If someone were to order a painting of that size, that’s the price she would charge.”

Donations may be made online at www.the, or through Venmo to @JacksonHouse-Foundation. When donating for a raffle ticket or tickets, patrons are asked to include their name and phone number in the description box, Roberts said.

She said the JHF Committee is also accepting dimes for a Dime Drive until Oct. 24. She said a 20-ounce coke bottle is being used to collect dimes for the drive and will be set up during the BBQ pickup event this fall.

Once the bottle is filled, she said it should hold an estimate of $525 in dimes. She said the foundation’s goal is to at least bring in $500 from the Dime Drive alone this fall.

To help offset financial strains during the pandemic, Roberts said the foundation is also hosting an online auction via Facebook Marketplace.

“We’ve got 20-plus items on Marketplace—new and antique miscellaneous items, like area rugs, a Michael Kors purse, different pieces of jewelry, and other items that have been donated for the auction,” she said.

Those who purchase items through the Facebook auction may pick up their merchandise at the Jackson House the following Wednesday after their transaction, Roberts said. The auction will last as long as sale items are available.

The Jackson House Foundation was formed in 2011 to refurbish and preserve the historic Jackson House in Moulton and relies on fundraising and grants to pays bills and maintain the house.

The historic Jackson House was built by Judge William Kumpe in the late 1800s. It was later converted to a restaurant owned by the Clark Weatherwax family, who then donated it to the city of Moulton after the restaurant failed. The house was moved in the 1980s to its present location, at 119 College Street, near Lawrence County High School.

For more information about the Jackson House or the foundation’s fundraising events, call Tammy Roberts at 256-566-6427, or visit the Jackson House Foundation’s Facebook page.

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