Moulton Head Start welcomes students back to school

Moulton Head Start celebrated its first day back after summer break with a visit from The Incredibles. Students returned to school last week and were greeted by  parents and staff dressed as characters from the Disney/Pixar film.

Moulton Head Start welcomed students back after summer break last week with ambitions of starting an “incredible” 2021-2022 school year. 

Students at the early learning center were welcomed back with an array of parents, guardians and staff members dressed as members of the Incredible Parr Family, a fictional family from the Disney/Pixar film The Incredibles, according to Moulton Head Start. 

“Our theme for the 20-21 school year was ‘There’s no place like home’ because we were welcoming students back after remote learning. For the 21-22 term we wanted to remind returning families and inform new families that Moulton Head Start is an incredible place to learn, play, and grow,” Center Director Edie Duggar said.

On campus to greet students were Bob Parr, also known as Mr. Incredible, Helen “Elastigirl” Parr, or Mrs. Incredible, Violet, Dash and Baby Jack-Jack Parr, Edna Mode, Frozone and Syndrome, according to Moulton Head Start.

“Everything about our school is incredible,” said Assistant Director Carolyn Brackin Orr. “Our teachers are vested in the community, have exceptional educational credentials, and perform at the highest levels. We follow School Readiness Transition guidelines, and our students leave fully prepared to transition into Kindergarten.”

Moulton Head Start is an education-based program, which offers its services to pregnant women, newborns and children up to age five. According to the learning center, the program provides two daily meals and a snack to students, as well as formula, diapers and wipes, while students are in school five days a week. 

“We do not offer transportation. Medical screens provided as part of the program and at no cost to families include vision, dental, growth, and hearing,” Moulton Head Start said. “Our staff encourage regular well-baby checkups and yearly physical and dental exams through timely notifications and family engagement.”

The program is operated by Community Action Partnership of North Alabama (CAPNA). CAPNA serves more than 1,600 children in 16 North Alabama counties, according to Moulton Head Start. The Moulton Center is located at 979 Rosenwald Street in Moulton and serves 61 families. 

Applications are accepted year-round. Interested families may call 256-974-0961 to schedule an appointment.

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