The following restaurant and lodging ratings from

October 1, 2020 through October 31, 2020 are provided to The Moulton Advertiser by the Lawrence County Health Department.

Lawrence County weekly food/lodging establishment ratings:

Lawrence County Nutrition, 24134 Suite 3, AL Hwy 24 Trinity: 10 Limited Food

Cabos San Lucas, 15324 Court Street, Moulton: 10 Food Service Establishment

157 Quik Stop, 2181 Co. Rd. 150, Town Creek: 90 Food Service Establishment

Sibley Food/Fuel, 13241 Co. Rd. 150, Courtland: 90 Food Service Establishment

Wiggins Grocery, 3435 AL Hwy 157, Danville: 92 Limited Retail

Captain Dave's, 14541 Court Street, Moulton: 92 Food Service Establishment

MZM Inc., 11312 AL Hwy. 33, Moulton: 93 Food Service Establishment

Hari Food Mart, 20915 AL Hwy 101, Town Creek: 93 Food Service Establishment

Kountry Kitchen, 14258 Court Street, Moulton: 93 Food Service establishment

Langtown Quick Stop (Alia Inc.), 20331 AL Hwy. 33, Moulton: 93 Food Service Establishment

Quick Stop Tobacco Outlet, 17121 AL Hwy. 20, Hillsboro: 93 Limited Retail

Captain Dave's Commissary, 14541 Court Street, Moulton: 93 Mobile Food Commissary

Foodland #124 (Deli), 15342 Court Street, Moulton: 94 Food Service Establishment

Wiggins Restaurant, 3435 AL Hwy. 157, Danville: 95 Food Service Establishment

Reed's Mini Mart, 6500 Co. Rd. 217, Hillsboro: 95 Food Service Establishment

Lynn's Grocery Inc., 6096 Co Rd. 434, Trinity: 96 Limited Retail

Foodland #124 (Market), 15342 Court Street, Moulton: 96 Retail Food Store

Burger King #11000, 1157 AL Hwy. 157, Moulton: 96 Food Service Establishment

Young's Deli, 7722 Co. Rd. 460, Moulton: 97 Food Service Establishment

Subway, 1115 AL Hwy 157, Moulton: 97 Food Service Establishment

Guthrie's of Moulton,  11831 AL Hwy. 157, Moulton: 99 Food Service Establishment

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