Moulton City Hall is closing its doors to the public this week after several employees and the mayor tested positive for the coronavirus following the Christmas holidays.

Moulton Mayor Roger Weatherwax said six city employees, including three who work inside City Hall, have tested positive for COVID-19, and a few other employees had been exposed since Christmas. 

City Hall closed its doors on Monday. Weatherwax said business is still being conducted over the phone, by appointment, and via internet for the next few weeks. 

“I know this poses an inconvenience for the public, but we have to practice safety first for our employees,” District 4 Council member Cassandra Lee said.

Weatherwax said the situation would be reassessed in two to three weeks once the uptick in positive cases subsides. 

The mayor, who likely contracted the virus sometime the week of Dec. 20, said he only experienced mild cold-like symptoms and had been fully vaccinated before testing positive.

Weatherwax said he had quarantined for about 15 days before a regular Moulton Council meeting was held Monday night. 

News of rising cases among city employees came as the spread of the new omicron variant brought a resurgence of new cases statewide. The positivity rate for Alabama over the last week is 36%. The state averaged about 5,600 new cases per day, according to data from the Alabama Department of Public Health.

According to the data, 43% of all those tested for the virus in Lawrence County last week were found positive for the coronavirus. The county is averaging around 22 new cases per day, according to data released as of Tuesday.

As of Tuesday, 16,496 Alabamians have died from COVID-19. Of the state’s death toll, 136 were Lawrence County residents. 

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