West Morgan – East Lawrence Water and Sewer Authority (WMEL) announces startup date of JD Sims-RM Hames

Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Facility

Customers to start receiving drinking water from the plant on/or about May 1, 2021

The West Morgan – East Lawrence Water and Sewer Authority (WMEL) is announcing the startup date of its new JD Sims – RM Hames Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Facility. Construction and testing of the reverse osmosis equipment inside the facility has been completed and WMEL has been approved to add this additional treatment to our drinking water production process.

WMEL customers will start receiving drinking water treated by the plant starting on/or about May 1, 2021. There is nothing customers need to do following this improvement to the drinking water.

Reverse osmosis, also known as RO, is a process that pumps water under high pressure through membranes at our facility to remove impurities. As a result, the JD Sims – RM Hames Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Facility is specifically designed to address the past health advisories, meet current water treatment challenges, and ensure compliance with drinking water regulations that are anticipated in the future.

“The startup of the RO plant represents a new day for the WMEL,” said Jeaneice Slater, WMEL’s General Manager. “Our customers can be confident that the quality of their drinking water will meet current and future requirements.”

Because of the project, The Alabama Rural Water Association recently honored WMEL with their 2021 Water and Wastewater Utility Vision Award. The award recognizes utilities who demonstrate “Vision” for growth, improvement and expansion of their system operation.

In addition to sending a letter to every customer account, WMEL has created an information page on its website – WMEL.org - to provide customer with important details about the facility and reverse osmosis treatment process, including a video showing how it works. We are also providing answers to frequently asked questions. Customers can also contact WMEL’s Water Quality staff by emailing us at wmelwtp@hiwaay.net.

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