Lawrence County schools that are categorized as rural and have at least half their enrolled student body receiving free or reduced meals have qualified for an Emergency Meals-To-You program (eMTY).

The program is a demonstration project offered by Baylor University and Lawrence County’s Child Nutrition Program has just been approved to participate, the school system announced this week.

To join the program, parents or guardians must enroll between Monday, May 18, and Friday, May 22. 

“This is a strict enrollment period. You may not enroll before or after these dates,” a statement from Child Nurtition Director Michelle Chenault said. “More information can be found on our school website and Facebook page.”

Those interested in the program may also visit for more information or to enroll. 

Once enrolled in the program, qualifying households will receive a box of meals, mailed by UPS, for each student in the household for the month of June. Once parents enroll online, they can include all other one to 18-year-olds in their household, according to the statement from Chenault.

Qualifying Lawrence County schools include all students enrolled at East Lawrence Elementary, Speake Elementary, Mt. Hope Elementary, Hatton Elementary, and Hazlewood Elementary. 

Students who receive free or reduced price meals and are enrolled at R.A. Hubbard High School, East Lawrence High School, or East Lawrence Middle School also qualify for eMTY.

Moulton schools did not qualify because they are not classified as “rural” by the United States Department of Agriculture. Hatton High School did not qualify because they do not meet the minimum 50 percent free or reduced price eligible students. 

For more information, visit the school website, the eMTY webpage, or contact CNP Director Michelle Chenault at 256-905-2411. 


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