Courtland council makes decision on upcoming events

The Ray Sparks band performs at the square in Courtland, home of so many of the town’s community events in the past. 

The Courtland City Council met for the first time since March this past Monday. Their monthly meeting in April was canceled due to Covid-19. 

At the forefront of their meeting was making official decisions on the towns upcoming various events. 

Courtland has been booming with special community events this past year. The town was already forced to cancel their Wings over Courtland event, but summer time brings a whole new crop of events to decide what to do with. 

The council officially voted to call off the town’s annual Picnic in the Park. 

Arguably the town’s biggest event, Picnic in the Park takes place every year on the first Saturday in June. 

The council were in unanimous agreement that, despite the lifting of restrictions by Governor Kay Ivey, that no events will take place in the month of May. This includes the town’s Third Thursday Slowdown, which is a monthly event that was set to start this month and run to the fall. There was no word from the council on whether or not the slowdown would start in June. 

While Picnic in the Park is technically not in the month of May, the council was in agreement that the date of June 6 was too close to risk. 

A suggestion was made to move the picnic to the same day as Courtland’s annual car show, which is October 3. The car show would take place in the morning, and then the picnic immediately following that afternoon. While no official decision was made to move it to that date, the council agreed to plan as if it would happen then for now.

The final event was the town’s annual fireworks show, which is set for June 27. As of right now the town plans for the event to go on as scheduled. The council planned to review next month, but it was brought up that fireworks would have to be purchased and ordered within the next week or so. 

The council decided to look into how early the fireworks would have to be ordered, while also stating that, as for now, the show will go on as scheduled.

In other business, the town approved the resolution of purchasing a new 2020 Chevrolet Tahoe for the police department that was voted on back in their meeting in March. Funds generated from the town’s new driving school will go towards paying for the vehicle. 

The town hall has been working with a makeshift drive thru window during Covid-19, but now will have a new drive thru and will also be working on improving the parking lot for a smoother transition. 

The question was asked during the meeting about residents wanting to know when the baseball fields could be used again for practices and other activities. The council said they would review the Governor’s new guidelines to make sure there were no conflicting problems and then give the okay.

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