Moulton Head Start holds mock election for students

Moulton Head Start students cast ballots in a mock election held at the center last Tuesday. Students chose between candidates Ice Cream and Cup Cakes to determine the center’s favorite treat. 

On Nov. 3, students at the early learning center were issued “driver’s licenses” for identification and a ballot to cast votes for candidates Ice Cream and Cup Cakes, Moulton Head Start Assistant Director Carolyn Brackin Orr said.

As students and staff joined forces to solve which sweet treat is the best, parent and guardian volunteers worked as poll workers during the center’s mock election to help each classroom maintain social distancing while ballots were being cast.  

After each student turned in their ballot, they were given an “I Voted” sticker. 

“The event complemented the classroom lesson plan with instruction on the voting process,” Orr said. “Children were excited to choose between Ice Cream and Cup Cakes.”

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