Alabama Bicentennial Exhibit to be largest state has seen in Lawrence County

Johnston and volunteers started setting up displays of the Making Alabama Exhibit Monday afternoon. Clubs and organizations who contribute an exhibit of their own to represent Lawrence County will begin setting up Thursday and Friday, Johnston said. 

Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce Craig Johnston spoke to the Rotary Club on Thursday, June 27, and announced the arrival of the Making Alabama Bicentennial Traveling Exhibit, which arrived in Moulton on Monday.

The exhibit presented by The Alabama Humanities Foundation, in partnership with the Alabama Department of Archives and History and the Alabama Bicentennial Commission, will be housed in the old Moulton Middle School auditorium and will be open Monday, July 8 until Saturday, July 27.

Johnston said the Chamber of Commerce is partnering with the Lawrence County Archives, the Lawrence County History and Preservation Society, Oakville Indian Mounds, Pond Spring, the Jesse Owens Museum and various clubs and organizations within the county including the Lions Club and the Rotary Club to add their own displays to the exhibit.

“We’ve created 10 exhibits, which also include each city, municipality, and our communities that are not incorporated,” Johnston said. “This has become a unifying tool for Lawrence County.”

He said the exhibit, which is being displayed in each of Alabama’s 67 counties for 18 months, will be the largest display the traveling exhibit has seen yet.

“We are the only county to have done anything like this,” Johnston said. “I’m hoping we can actually get the governor here to see it.”

The exhibit will be open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sundays from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. until July 27.

The exhibit will include artifacts, storyboards, storytellers, festivals, antique photographs and kiosks coupled with interactive computer tablets to encourage attendees to delve deeper into Alabama’s history, Johnston said. 

“Visitors will not only experience the history of Alabama but also the events that helped shape Lawrence County,” he added. “This is an amazing opportunity for our community, which will help increase commerce for Lawrence County. We have such a rich history here.”

Rotary Club Treasurer David Norwood suggested the club organize a display to highlight the contributions and impact the club has had on the county since it was chartered in Moulton in February of 1998. 

For more information about the Making Alabama Bicentennial Exhibit, visit

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