City approves jail use agreement with Commission



Moulton City Council approved a jail use agreement with the Lawrence County Commission in its regular meeting Monday night.

According to the agreement, jail fees for each of the municipalities in Lawrence County will increase from $10 per day to $30 per day for each inmate housed in the Lawrence County Jail.

The agreement was approved retroactively and became effective May 1 of this year, Mayor Roger Weatherwax said.

In the same meeting, the Council also reappointed three members and appointed one new member to the City Planning Commission, which was established in 2013.

Jackie Sherrell was appointed by Weatherwax for a six-year term to replace Jerry Carroll, whose term would have expired in November of 2020. Weatherwax also reappointed Melvina Watkins, Kaye Walker and Keith Gilley.

Other appointees of the nine-member Planning Commission include Weatherwax, who serves as Mayor ex-officio for the duration of his tenure as mayor, Joyce Jeffreys, who serves as Councilmember ex-officio during her tenure as a councilmember, Renay Saint, the administrative ex-officio during the tenure of Mayor Weatherwax, and appointed members Billy Rains and Jack Burch.

In other business, the Council also approved an annual transportation plan under the Rebuild Alabama Act that was signed into law on March 12 following an increase in gasoline tax statewide.

City Clerk Deroma Pepper said the City will open two new bank accounts, which will be designated for an estimated revenue of $22,451 that is anticipated for the 2020 fiscal year. She said funds will be earmarked for roadway improvements, repairs, resurfacing, and reconstruction or maintenance of roads and streets inside the city limits as determined by the Moulton Street Department or the City Council.

All councilmembers were present for the meeting except District 4 Councilwoman Cassandra Lee and District 5 Councilman Brent White.

Moulton City Council will hold its next regular meeting on Monday, Sept. 9, at City Hall at 5 p.m. 

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