Joe Wheeler EMC Youth Tour delegate selected to represent Alabama's Electric Cooperative

East Lawrence Senior Ashkea Foster was selected as the 2020 Alabama delegate for the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association's Youth Leadership Council. Foster is the first Joe Wheeler EMC Youth Tour student to be selected for the council in over 20 years. 

Joe Wheeler EMC is proud to announce the selection of Lawrence County's own, Ashkea Foster, as the 2020 Alabama delegate for the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association's Youth Leadership Council. 

To be selected as a YLC delegate is an honor bestowed on one student who attends the Alabama Rural Electric Youth Tour, sponsored by the Electric Cooperatives of Alabama. It has been more than 20 years since a JWEMC Youth Tour student was selected.

"This is such a great accomplishment for Ashkea, and the whole Joe Wheeler EMC organization is excited for her," said JWEMC General Manager, George Kitchens. "To be selected as the YLC representative over all the great young people from across the state is a big deal that we know she worked very hard to achieve."

Ashkea, daughter of Karen and Curtis Foster of Hillsboro, is a senior at East Lawrence High School. In March, she was selected to participate in the Montgomery Youth Tour and was picked by JWEMC staff to be one of five student delegates to go to Washington DC this summer. While the Washington Youth Tour was canceled because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the YLC delegate was still selected. Ashkea will represent Joe Wheeler EMC and all of Alabama's 22 electric cooperatives over the coming year.

"I would like to make a special shoutout to my parents, Karen and Curtis Foster, for pushing me to send my application in; my Joe Wheeler [EMC] family for believing in me and always telling me to be myself; to my grandparents for always praying for me; to my basketball coach, Coach Ferg, for always pushing me to work hard; and most importantly to my best friend Jesus Christ, for blessing me with this wonderful opportunity," said Foster.

"Curtis and I are so proud of Ashkea and her accomplishment and the hard work and dedication she exemplified throughout the whole process. We encourage her today, as always, stay with God, and stay focused.  What an honor.  We love you!" said Karen Foster, Ashkea's mother. "We would like to thank Joe Wheeler [EMC] and their staff for allowing Ashkea to participate and for cheering her on through the whole process."

The Joe Wheeler EMC Youth Tour is open to all high school juniors in the Joe Wheeler EMC service area. Each year, 15 students from Lawrence and Morgan counties are selected to go to Montgomery to join more than 130 other youth from across Alabama. To learn more about the JWEMC Youth Tour, visit Applications for the next Youth Tour will be available in the fall.

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