The 2019 Lawrence County Fair is coming to Moulton on October 23, but it is not too late to start thinking about exhibition submissions. If you’ve always wanted to participate in the best pie baking contest, or maybe your garden has produced some exceptional vegetation, now is the time to consider entering the fair competitions.

The Lawrence County Fair will take place Wednesday, Oct. 23 to Saturday, Oct. 26. Exhibit submissions will be accepted the Sunday and Monday before the fair opens. 

Submissions can be made across 15 different categories, which include the Fresh Home Garden or Grown Fields department, Canned Goods, Baked Goods, Hand and Machine Sewn Crafts, a general Crafts category, Hobby Collections, Photography and more. Several submission departments also include age categories including the elementary age group, which includes children through age 12, the teen category, which includes 13 to 19-year-olds, and an adult category for participants 20 years old and over.

A full list of exhibit submission types is printed in the fair supplement just prior to the fair each year, however, the Lawrence County Extension Office has copies available of the prior supplements to look at the specific entry types for each department. 

The key is to be thinking about entering an exhibit in the Lawrence County Fair. Remember, items need to have been made since the previous fair. Should you receive a ribbon, just think of the “bragging rights” you will be able to boast until next fair season. Submitting an entry also gives you an excuse to come down to the fair and enjoy a ride or buy some cotton candy.

The Lawrence County Fair is organized and coordinated by the Moulton Lions Club each year to help fund programs throughout the county, especially in areas of vision and diabetes. The fair is held at the Lawrence County Fairgrounds at 455 School Street in Moulton.

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