A new club in town: Lawrence residents form Rake & Bake Garden Club

Lawrence County’s Rake & Bake Garden Club met for a Christmas party last December. The gathering was one of the new club’s last meetings until health restrictions were eased in May following the COVID-19 pandemic.

The newly formed Rake & Bake Garden Club of Lawrence County, which had its charter meeting last April, met for the first time on Saturday since COVID-19 halted social and public gatherings in Alabama from March to May.

The club’s first few meetings saw bylaws established, members added, club leaders elected, and plans for the club’s future set into motion, Rake and Bake Vice President Tammy Roberts said.

“We’re still trying to figure out what we’re about—what we want to do and who we are,” Roberts said Monday. “Whoever hosts the club’s monthly meeting allows us to tour their garden. We get ideas that way for things to do in our own gardens and helping others with their gardening. We do want to be a community-driven group. We want to be able to give back in some way.”

She said the club quickly grew to reach its limit of 16 members.

For the group’s first big project, Roberts said members will donate resources, skills, and time to creating a shade garden for the historic Jackson House in Moulton.

Roberts, who also serves as the director of the Jackson House Foundation, said the Lawrence County Extension Office assisted with drawing blueprints for flowerbeds and layout of the garden, which will add visual appeal on the grounds of the Jackson House for weddings, meetings and parties.

“Several members of the club have already been donating their time to help,” Roberts said. “Another workday is planned for next Wednesday. The Jackson House is holding a fundraiser to help with the cost of the project, and the garden club voted to donate $100. The Rake & Bake Garden Club will be recognized with a sign inside the garden for their help with its completion.”

Roberts said the garden will include two white picket fences along the front and back of the garden, which will be located on the left side of the house next to Moulton City Park. She said the garden plans also to  include a trellis that could be used for future weddings held outside the Jackson House.

“We’ve got half the beds laid out right now. We lack finishing the back half where the trellis will be, but anything like that takes time and volunteers. We do what we can with the volunteers we have,” she said. “We want to have a couple of other workdays in July and August because we want to start planting this fall. The Master Gardeners Club has also assisted with the project, which is great.”

The Rake & Bake Club elected club officials last fall, Roberts said.

Club leaders include President Karen Little, Vice President Roberts, Secretary Melanie White, Treasurer Beth Yarborough DiGesu, Historian Anna Mullican.

Members include DeeDee Weatherwax, Christy Williams, Elayne Jackson, Karen Lang, Wendy White, Teri Littrell, Rhonda McDaniel, Kristi Robertson, Kathleen Roberson, Barbara Carroll and Moranda Hollis.

Rake & Bake’s next meeting will be held in July. The club plans to tour the home and garden of Alice and Duane Evans near Bankhead National Forest.

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