Repair work for the roof of Moulton City Hall should begin this month after the city council approved a contract on Monday with MGR Roofing, Inc. of Muscle Shoals, for $32,000.

City Clerk Deroma Pepper said bids for the contract were received in February after portions of the roof began leaking earlier this year, but full repairs were set aside because the funds weren’t available in the fiscal 2019 budget.

With the start of fiscal 2020 beginning Oct. 1, she said the city was able to approve the contract with MGR, who is willing to stand behind the original bid as of Monday.

The city also received a bid from Willoughby Roofing and Sheet Metal, Inc. for $35,325, and a bid from CSA, Commercial Roofing, Inc. for $41,500 in February. The lowest bid from MGR was approved in the council’s regular meeting Monday night.

In Monday’s meeting, the council also granted Golf Course Superintendent Myron Bohannon and Mike Brown, the Pro Shop manager at Deer Run Golf Course, approval to trade 20 six-year-old golf carts for 20 new fuel-injected models.

Brown said a difference of $1,600 per cart from the trade-in would cost the city approximately $32,000 to obtain the new carts.

“We’ve estimated $300 to $500 in savings a year on gasoline alone,” he told the council. He said the city would also save on maintenance costs for the old carts.

“We’re about to spend about $5,000 on six of the carts,” Bohannon added. “The drive clutches are going out, which will cost about $500 apiece on a few others, and we’ve got two old carts completely out of commission.”

Pepper said maintenance and gasoline costs were budgeted for fiscal 2020, and savings from the two should balance the cost of the new carts.

“We’re going to have to stick to the budget. If it hasn’t already been approved, future requests may not get approved,” District 2 Councilman Jason White said. “If supervisors have requested things like new vehicles, the plan may have to be adjusted for unexpected expenses. We’re not in bad shape, but we need to watch our spending.”

In other business, the board also approved a contract of $67,095 with UWS, Inc. for labor for a gas meter replacement project that was approved earlier this year.

The council also approved a five-year contract with Greg Roberts Fire Hydrant Repair and Supply, LLC, for $13,200 for annual maintenance, and $1,800 for flow testing per year for three years during the contract.

All council members were present for Monday’s meeting except District 4 Councilwoman Cassandra Lee.

The next scheduled meeting is set for Monday, Oct. 21, unless a special meeting or work session is called.

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