Lawrence County remained on the state's list of Low Risk counties last week, according to the Alabama Department of Public Health's coronavirus risk rankings for each of the state's 67 counties. 

On July 3, the department listed Lawrence as Very High Risk, but dropped the county to Low Risk as of last Friday. The map is updated every Friday.

According to the site, ADPH collects data such as the number of new positive cases, a significant decline in the number of new positive tests, and testing volume per county to determine the risk status of each.

"Data are lagged by five days to allow for completeness in reporting," the ADPH site states. "These data can change on a daily basis as new information about cases is gathered or updated, which means the gating criteria status could change from red to green and back to red."


For more information on how ADPH collects and uses data to determine risk statuses, or to view Lawrence County's risk status for the week, visit

COVID-19 overview

Below are statistics on COVID-19 reported by ADPH as of press-time Wednesday:

Alabama deaths: 1,136*

Alabama cases: 56,441

Lawrence cases: 151

Morgan cases: 1,429

Limestone cases: 691

Madison cases: 2,729

Lauderdale cases: 633

Colbert cases: 582

Franklin cases: 960

Winston cases: 315

Cullman cases: 689

*ADPH listed 28 additional deaths in Alabama that have not yet been confirmed to have been caused by COVID-19.

As of Wednesday, 528,275 people had been tested for COVID-19 in the state of Alabama, with 1,592 of those tests being conducted in Lawrence County.

As of Wednesday, ADPH reported 6,745 hospitalizations statewide since March 13.

The above information is updated in real time at

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