In their monthly meeting last week, the Courtland City Council expressed optimism that their deep array of summer events might get to happen.

However, sadly that will not be the case.

A CCRC meeting Thursday evening came away with the conclusion that it would be best to hold off on any community events until the summer.

The CCRC is the group that plans and organizes Courtland's events.

"The virus has changed a lot," said Linda Gibson of the CCRC. "We just felt that it would be best to put a hold on all events until October."

This will make for some drastic changes in the summer, as generally Courtland hosts many summer events.

The town's annual Picnic in the Park, which takes place on the first weekend in June, had already been canceled. However, the fireworks show, which takes place the last weekend in June, will now also be canceled.

The council was hopeful they could have the fireworks show during their meeting, however, questions arose before the CCRC decision about whether or not they would be able to order the fireworks in time.

Courtland's annual Super Soaker 5K run will also be canceled.

There was no official word yet if this would include the town's third Thursday slowdowns.

Courtland plans to pick back up with their events in October with their annual Car Show, which is set to take place on the first Saturday in October.

If anyone has any questions they can call Linda Gibson at (256) 483-8436 or Peggy Hazle at (256) 637-8109.

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