Oakville Indian Mounds Museum to host Women of the MSNHA Exhibit

The Muscle Shoals National Heritage Area Exhibit will feature local women throughout history in pop-up display panels like the one pictured above. The exhibit, organized in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Women's Suffrage movement, will also feature several notable women from Lawrence County.


The Oakville Indian Mounds Education Center and the Lawrence County Archives are partnering to host the traveling exhibit, "Women of the Muscle Shoals National Heritage Area," from Aug. 4 until Aug. 31 at the Oakville Indian Mounds Museum.

Graduates from the University of North Alabama Julia McGee and Lacie Rowe and UNA Public History student Josh Grigsby researched and gathered images for the exhibit in MSNHA Director Dr. Carolyn Crawford's 2019 Exhibit Design course in anticipation of the centennial of women's suffrage.

Julia McGee, who graduated from UNA in December of 2019 with a MA in Public History, developed the companion educator packet for teachers. Those who can't make it in to see the exhibit can find a copy of the educator packet at msnha.una.edu/resources/

The packet includes biographies of notable MSNHA women, classroom activities, and sources for more research. 

In addition to the pop-up display panels, many local organizations will be setting up display tables highlighting Lawrence County Women throughout history.

Due to COVID-19, there will not be a kick-off event or guest lecturer presenting with this exhibit. 

If your organization, club or church would like to include a tabletop display celebrating local Lawrence County women, please contact Anna Mullican at amullican@lawrenceal.org, or call the Oakville Indian Mounds at 256-905-2499.

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