Local community surprises LCHS students with prom

There probably wasn’t any better surprise that seniors of Lawrence County High School could have received than when they found out they would indeed be having their high school prom.

When Covid-19 hit in March and closed all the schools down, it seemed like all the spring events seniors had to look forward to had been taken away from them.

Seniors were thrilled when they found out they were going to have a traditional ceremony, and just having that would have been more than enough for the seniors.

But the local community still wanted to do more.

“It started off with us seniors’ moms saying that we had to do something, because these seniors had lost so much,” said Amanda Borden who helped organize the event. “That really got the ball rolling.”

What ensued was a prom put on entirely by the Moulton community.

Because of guidelines, the school couldn’t host the event. The students had even had all their prom tickets refunded.

But that didn’t stop the community, who received help from innumerable sources.

“It started with Ms. Bernice Givens allowing the Givens House to be used as the venue,” Borden said. “Then DJ David Little donated his services, Jake Cole, the voice of the Red Devils, was there to announce lead outs and we had an anonymous donor donate enough money to cater A’s cafe for 150 students.”

Of course it wasn’t your typical prom, but Borden said there were aspects that in some ways might have made things better.

“It was a little more personal. I think more people could afford to go,” she said. “We had a fireworks show that was put on by Grimes Fireworks and they really just went above and beyond what we could have ever asked them.”

Borden said the efforts made by the community were well received by the students.

“I think the students were surprised and just so excited to get to do something that they never thought was going to be possible,” she said. “We had numerous students come up to us and tell us how thankful they were for it. We even were able to put together a ballot before the prom so there could still be a prom king and queen.”

All in all it was a success and that is sure to be remembered by seniors for years to come.

“It went as smooth as it could and I think all the kids enjoyed it,” Borden said. “I think it was nice for them, at least for one night, to have some semi normalcy.”

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