Moulton Water Superintendent Jay Johnson hopes the city will consider having a system study done to look into the sustainability of its infrastructure. Doing so will make Moulton eligible for federal funds to improve its water system in the future, he said.

Johnson addressed the Moulton City Council in a regular meeting Monday and received permission to put together an application for such a study. He told council members that grant applications for infrastructure funding would have to be submitted by February of 2020.

“There is grant money available now, but for us to be eligible, we need to have the system study done. Obviously, that costs money,” Johnson said. “When the grant is issued, it’s usually put under the funding umbrella and the city should be reimbursed for the study.”

He told the council that his department also plans to sell old meters that are being replaced by the installation of a new meter-reading system to offset the cost of the study.

According to the infrastructure plan, a system study would help prioritize areas that need attention, like water source reservoirs, storage tanks, water main and service upgrades, and other potential project plans.

“We can limit some of these to save money,” Johnson said. “From a maintenance standpoint, we’ll likely be replacing lines that have had to be repaired multiple times that really need replacing.”

He said some water lines in the city are at least 30 years old.

Though it could take several years to complete such projects, Johnson said he is hopeful that in conducting a study plan, the city is on track for addressing long-term stability for its infrastructure and securing grant funds for the future.

In other business, Moulton City Council approved a 12-month payment plan of $2,550 a month to replace several city golf carts to cost a total of $30,600.

The council also approved the purchase of a used generator for $37,540 for the sewer treatment plant and accepted a notice of retirement from Parks and Recreation Director Jackie Burch, which will become effective Jan. 31, 2020.

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