The following restaurant and lodging ratings from

August 1, 2019 through August 30, 2019 are provided to The Moulton Advertiser by the Lawrence County Health Department.

Lawrence County weekly food/lodging establishment ratings:

Sibley Food/Fuel, 13241 Co. Rd. 150, Courtland: 81

Lentz Grocery/Deli, 6096 Co. Rd. 434, Trinity: 85 Food

Coach's Restaurant, Inc., 6730 CR 236, Town Creek: 92

The Ranch House, 3087 AL Hwy. 20, Town Creek: 92 Food

Dollar General #11204, 12240 Jesse Jackson Pkw., Courtland: 93

D & JC Stores, Inc., 22997 Hwy 24, Moulton: 93

Taylor's Fish Market, 784 Co. Rd. 140, Town Creek:  93

Tommie Jane Youth & Development, 16904 Hwy 20 ,Hillsboro: 94

Hatton Gas for Less, 23527 AL Hwy. 157, Town Creek: 94

John's Bar-B-Que, Inc., 15165 Court St., Moulton: 94

Taco Bell #27323, 11880 AL Hwy. 157, Moulton: 95

Langtown Quick Stop (Alia Inc.), 20331 AL Hwy. 33, Moulton: 95

A's Café, 12150 Jackson St., Courtland: 96

Sequel TSI of Courtland, 349 Madison St., Courtland: 96

Black Sheep Coffee and Tea, 13840 Market Street, Moulton: 96

Lawrence Medical Center,  Moulton: 96

Subway Town Creek  #23494, 2795 AL Hwy. 20, Town Creek: 97

Lawrence Co. High School Lunchroom, 102 College St., Moulton: 98

Courtland Nutrition Site, 12648 J. Jackson Parkway, Courtland: 99

R. A. Hubbard School Lunchroom, 12905 J. Jackson Parkway, Courtland: 99

National Health Care, 300 Hospital St., Moulton: 99

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