Poultry processing workshop coming to Lawrence County Dec. 4

Dianna Bourassa, with Auburn University, will offer a hands-on poultry processing class in Lawrence County on Dec. 4. Registration is open until Nov. 26.

For Lawrence County residents who keep backyard chicken flocks and are interested in learning how to process chickens efficiently, a special workshop is coming to the area on Dec. 4.

Dianna Bourassa, Ph.D. from Auburn University’s Department of Poultry Science will provide a hands-on learning experience to interested participants, according to County Extension Coordinator Donna Shanklin.

“Bourassa will explain the process and why it is done that way — and then the participants will do it,” she said. “The duration of the classes varies depending on the number of participants, but the class will start at 8:30 a.m. and conclude at the latest at 3:30 p.m.”

The workshop will require a minimum of two birds per participant, but those attending may provide their own birds as long as the Extension Office is notified upon registration, Shanklin added. 

The fee for using provided birds is $10.

“Dr. Bourassa’s research at Auburn focuses on poultry processing, microbiology, and food safety,” Shanklin said. “Her poultry processing research topic areas have included stunning and animal welfare, the effects primary processing parameters on carcass microbiology, carcass sampling methods for foodborne pathogens, as well as the effects of on farm interventions on fully processed carcasses.”

For more information, contact the Lawrence County Extension Office at 256-974-2465, or email drs0009@auburn.edu to register. 

A minimum of five participants is required for the class. The deadline to register is Nov. 26.

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