Alabama's latest coronavirus-related health order will allow entertainment venues such as performance art centers and theatres, sports practices, childcare facilities and summer camps to reopen with some restrictions after 5 p.m. on Friday. 

On Thursday, Gov. Kay Ivey said the amended order will allow entertainment venues to reopen at 50 percent capacity. The order also lifts restrictions on numbers of children allowed in a childcare facility at one time, and the new order will allow sports competitions to resume on June 15. She said youth sports practices and camps will be allowed to resume after Friday. 
Each facility or activity allowed to reopen is subject to further health restrictions based on guidance from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, State Health Officer Scott Harris added during the address. Those restrictions and further guidance can be found on the Alabama Department of Public Health website.
The order still prohibits non-work related gatherings that cannot maintain the 6-foot social distancing recommendations by the CDC and ADPH. 
Harris said the announcements come although the state continued to see steady increases in positive cases for the past several days. He said there were more than 600 hospitalizations related to COVID-19 statewide this week. 
"Reopening Alabama really only works if we are all cooperating," he said, adding that state residents are still urged to stay home as much as possible. 
Ivey said the new order would expire on July 3.
"If we start going in the wrong direction, then we reserve the right to come back and begin to reverse course," she warned. "As Dr. Harris and I keep saying, this disease is serious and it is deadly."
As of Thursday, ADPH data showed confirmed cases had grown to 13,119 statewide, with 529 reported COVID-19 deaths. ADPH reported 35 positive cases in Lawrence County and zero deaths. 
For daily updated statistics from ADPH, visit

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