Restoration meeting for Pine Torch Church set for Aug. 29

A planning meeting set for Thursday, Aug. 29, will determine the next steps for restoration efforts at Pine Torch Church, which was built around 1840 inside the Bankhead National Forest. 

The Pine Torch Restoration Committee will hold a planning meeting on Thursday, Aug. 29, at Dr. Charles Borden’s office in Moulton at 6 p.m.

The meeting is scheduled after community members expressed concern for the historic structure’s foundation.

Borden, a dentist in Moulton who also serves as the chairman and president of the Pine Torch Preservation Society, says he has no reason to believe the church is in any immediate danger of falling but agreed that foundation stability for the church could be improved.

“We would appreciate anyone who wishes to participate and help out with labor or with donations,” he said. “We appreciate all the interest the public has shown in the preservation of Pine Torch Church.”

A historic marker in the church yard indicates that Pine Torch Church was built circa 1840. According to the marker, the church gets its name from congregation members who would use pine torches to light the building at night, and then use the lights to guide them on their journey home after services.

The church and Pine Torch Cemetery are located on County Road 70 in the Bankhead National Forest near Moulton.

Borden said the planning meeting is open to the public and encourages anyone who holds an interest in the preservation of Pine Torch Church to attend.

“Anyone with a background in log construction and anyone with experience in moving homes are urged to participate,” he added. “We would appreciate your help and expertise.”

Dr. Borden’s office is located at 627 Lawrence Street in Moulton.

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