Moulton Church of Christ erects historic marker noting its establishment in 1826

Moulton Church of Christ was established in 1826, making it one of the oldest Church of Christ congregations in the state of Alabama. Church members paid for the installment of a marker indicating its historical significance at the church entrance near the intersection of Main and South streets.


A historic marker was recently placed at Moulton Church of Christ, marking its significance as one of the oldest congregations of the Churches of Christ in Alabama.

Church member Jack Burch said the congregation inquired about a historic marker with the Lawrence County Historical Commission. When it was determined no funds were available for a historic sign, church members donated funds themselves for the sign that was erected last month.

The historic marker was placed in the weeks that a playground and pavilion was also installed on the church grounds. Burch said the playgrounds were built for the benefit of the church’s young people. It includes a sheltered picnic area, a playground with two slides and a basketball goal.  

The historic marker was installed near the church building’s front entrance along Main Street. The sign notes the establishment of the Moulton Church of Christ in 1826.

“The Moulton church was established by B.F. Hall, a traveling evangelist from Kentucky who was a disciple of the renowned pioneer preacher, Barton W. Stone,” the marker reads. “The Church has occupied several locations, all in downtown Moulton. Church members met in the Lawrence County Courthouse until about 1840. The first building was on Seminary Street, second on South Street, and it has been in its present location since 1925. The Church was known as Moulton Christian Church until about 1890.”  

Historic information detailed in the marker was taken from the church archives.

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