R.A. Hubbard honors outgoing seniors

R.A. Hubbard High School recently had signs personalized for each senior.

For the past three weeks we've highlighted each of the local high schools in Lawrence County and the measures they've taken to honor their outgoing seniors who unfortunately had their final year cut short just when it was hitting the home stretch.

Well last but not least, or saving the best for last or however you choose to look at it, the last stop on this weekly tour is R.A. Hubbard.

The smallest school in the county, the 1A Chiefs will have the least amount of graduates at 22. But all 22 are special students and Hubbard took the time to recognize just that.

R.A. Hubbard High School went above and beyond for their seniors, doing the best that they can.

“Hubbard’s faculty is very proud of our Senior Class," said R.A. Hubbard Principal Rosa Allen-Cooper. "These acts of kindness are just small gestures to let our students know that we love them, we miss them and that they are all champions.”

Like other high schools in the county, Hubbard made personalized signs and shirts for each senior. However, in addition to that the school created a singular big senior display to show off at the school. The school also made sure to stay on top of communication creating official school videos for students as well as individual teacher videos. The faculty mailed out personal notes to each senior and the school honored each senior with senior spotlights on their Facebook page. Hubbard also hosted a virtual scholarship recognition.

Hubbard proved that even though they are small, they still care just as much as the bigger schools.

“Hubbard has a small faculty and student body. Our students are like family.  They are like our children," said Allen-Cooper.  "We are saddened that our seniors, like other students all over the nation, are missing out on many of the traditional activities that seniors look forward to.”

R.A. Hubbard will get to host their graduation this Thursday night at 7 p.m. The ceremony will take place at the  Hubbard football stadium, located just behind the school, and each senior will be given six tickets for the event.

In addition, the seniors will receive their personalized gifts.

“Seniors will be given the display signs Thursday, after the graduation ceremony.  These signs are a graduation gift from our faculty to them."

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