Jett becomes 4-H ambassador

Lawrence County 4-H student shows off awards she won at a recent 4-H competition. Jett was recently named a state ambassador for 4-H.


One of Lawrence County's own has reached a great milestone. 

Katie Beth Jett, an up and coming start in the Lawrence County's 4-H, recently won several events in the 4-H competition. 

Now she gets to add ambassador to her list of accolades. 

Jett will be representing Lawrence County at the state level of 4-H as an ambassador. 

It's an achievement worthy of plenty of recognition. 

"We've had state ambassadors come out of Lawrence County before, but it's been a while," said Marsha Terry, who helps run Lawrence County's 4-H programs. "So when Katie reached out with interest we were very excited. And when she got it we were happy happy happy." 

According to the Alabama 4-H website the State 4-H Ambassadors are a team of 4-H members representing Alabama from across the state. Serving as ambassadors for Alabama 4-H, members represent the organization statewide while collaborating with Extension faculty to plan, coordinate, and facilitate activities and events. The Ambassadors further develop their skills in leadership, public presentation, citizenship, community service, public relations, and team building through their involvement in the State Ambassadors program.

Their objectives and duties include planning, coordinating and facilitating 4-H events while further developing leadership and communication skills as well promoting 4-H and demonstrating the impact it has on students lives. 

Achieving a state ambassadorship is no easy feat to accomplish. 

"It wasn't an easy task. She had to develop and present a PowerPoint," said Terry. "Then she had to do an interview that usually lasts about an hour. Normally these interviews take place at the 4-H center or down in Auburn, but because of Covid, they took place via zoom." 

Terry is a big proponent in 4-H and how it helps students grow and learn to be more prepared for life after school.

"I have a lot of experience with 4-H. Both of my daughters were heavily involved with it," she said. "I'm a huge cheerleader for 4-H and what it can do for a student's future."

 She feels being an ambassador will only add to that for Jett. 

"It's only going to help her grow even more," she said. "She's going to be in a broad sphere of influence and meet a lot of people that will help her. This will only be a plus for her future." 

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