Parents have until June 30 to register their child for a Lawrence County elementary summer reading camp set to begin next month. 

A “Ride the Wave into Reading” camp for students will begin Monday, July 13, at each of the county’s elementary school campuses. Sessions will be held daily from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. until the camp ends on July 23.

The camp is open to students who have completed kindergarten or first grade at no cost to parents or guardians.

The Lawrence County schools are taking requests for participation in the program until June 30.

Due to COVID-19 health restrictions, program participation is limited. Parents who wish to have their child attend the summer camp should call their child’s school before the deadline.

Camps will take place at East Lawrence Elementary, Hatton Elementary, Hazlewood Elementary, Mount Hope School, Moulton Elementary and Speake School.

Transportation will be the guardian’s responsibility.

Lawrence County schools reopened to students last week to resume summer programs, band practices, and athletic workouts according to strict health guidelines set in place by Gov. Kay Ivey, the Alabama Department of Public Health, the State Department of Education, the Alabama High School Athletic Association, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, according to the schools’ Superintendent Jon Bret Smith.

He said each Lawrence County school has been supplied with sanitizer machines, sanitizing solution, hand sanitizer, thermometers, gloves and masks.

Smith said the school system plans to use the original school calendar, which was approved by the school board in January for the next school year. Students will return on August 12th.

A complete school calendar can be found by following the link recently posted on the Lawrence County, Alabama Schools Facebook page.

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