Lawrence County was among 41 other counties listed as a “high risk” for COVID-19 by the Alabama Department of Public Health this week.  

ADPH updates its risk assessment every Friday and designates each county as low risk, moderate, high or very high risk, according to trends in new positive cases from week to week.  

As of press-time Wednesday, ADPH data showed a total of 261 confirmed positive COVID-19 cases reported in Lawrence County since spread of the coronavirus was first recorded.

Lawrence County Coroner and 911 Director Scott Norwood said confirmed active cases for the county actually sat at about 78.  

Norwood’s data, which is released about once every two days, shows the number of positive cases under quarantine throughout the county. As of Wednesday, Moulton had 36 residents under quarantine, Town Creek showed 10, Hillsboro had 16, Courtland had 15, and Mt. Hope had one.  

His data also showed 229 residents who had reached a quarantine expiration date as of July 27.  

Once a resident reaches the expiration date, they are presumed recovered and are no longer contagious unless they report symptoms have worsened or are hospitalized, Norwood said.  Of the 78 cases on the active list, 30 of those have quarantine dates that expire on Friday.

As of Wednesday, Lawrence Medical Center President Dean Griffin said no patients were hospitalized in Moulton with a positive COVID-19 case.

Griffin reported two positive cases, which had occurred at separate times back in June. Of those two positive patients, he said one was transferred to another area hospital and one was discharged to quarantine at home.

On Tuesday, Griffin said three LMC employees had either tested positive for the coronavirus or had been exposed to someone with the illness.

“We do not believe or have evidence that any of those employees were positive as a result of exposures at LMC, but were positive due to exposures outside work,” he said.   

He said the hospital adheres to Centers for Disease Control and state guidelines by quarantining employees who test positive or are exposed to the virus.  

As of Wednesday, Alabama reported a total of 80,309 confirmed positive cases for the state, with 22,505 of those cases found in the last 14 days.

ADPH listed a total of 1,446 deaths confirmed from COVID-19 statewide, with 45 probable deaths awaiting confirmation. No deaths have been reported for Lawrence County by the ADPH.  

The state site also lists 9,694 hospitalizations statewide with 32,510 presumed recoveries. For up-to-date information from ADPH, visit

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