After a lengthy discussion Monday night, the Courtland City Council made a unanimous decision on whether or not to start charging for garbage pickup on the electric bill. 

The County Commission had asked for it to be applied there, however, the Council voted unanimously not to apply the charge there. 

In other meeting news, the Council made a move to get to work on replacing two bridges in the community, the relief bridge and the creekside bridge. 

Before it can be replaced, preliminary engineering must be done and done by Halloween. The Council accepted a bid  for the job by EDT of $23,000. $15,000 will come from the bridge fund and the four cents sales tax, the county will pay the rest. 

Courtland has approximately $1.6 million in a fund for repairs to the bridges, but they will be in danger of losing that money if preliminary engineering isn't complete by Halloween. 

Monday night was an open forum for citizens to voice any concerns or complaints that they had. Among the biggest issues was the citizens concerns over whether or not there is an ambulance or some type of EMS service in Courtland. 

Greg Randolph of Lawrence County EMS was there to answer questions. Randolph stated that they do have trucks that try to get out to Courtland every day, however they cover the whole county and sometimes all their trucks can be tied up. He stated he recently added another crew, but adding another would come at a hefty price. 

Other notes: 

The Council is working to start putting up nuisance notices on rundown and vacant houses they feel can pose a danger

Talks of ideas of how to enforce the speed limit on Tennessee Street, including installing a speed bump.

The Council will look into donations of "children at play signs" to be put up around the community. 

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