Jackson House steps closer to opening as venue space in Moulton

Pictured from the left are Probate Judge Greg Dutton, JHF committee members Ann Britnell, Nancy Dexter and her son, Jay, JHF Director Tammy Roberts, JHF committee members Glenda Thompson, Heather Dotson and Kristi Robertson, and MSNHA Grant Coordinator Emily Rhodes.

The Jackson House Foundation was recently reimbursed $6,550 following the completion of a $13,100 heating, ventilation and cooling project at the historic home earlier this year.

On Thursday, the Muscle Shoals National Heritage Area met with the foundation to award the reimbursement grant, which compensated for about half the total cost of the project, JHF Director Tammy Roberts said.

The project included the installation of new HVAC units and new ductwork, according to Roberts.

“This money will also help us with our new project in installing exit signs, emergency lighting, and two new switch boxes,” Roberts said.

Installing the new HVAC system and preparing for future electrical work brings the foundation one step closer to opening the historic home as a venue space for clients in Moulton.

“I met with (Moulton Fire Chief) Ryan Jolly. We walked through the house, and he told me everything that needs to be done before we can start renting the house,” she said.

The foundation also hopes to begin new projects for the second story of the home, which includes painting, repairing and refinishing hardwood floors, and installing hanging fixtures for wardrobes in upstairs rooms that may one day be used as dressing rooms for brides and grooms.  

Roberts said the committee will have a better idea of how much renovating will take place for the upper level of the house once bids are received.

The Jackson House was built in the late 1800s by former Probate Judge J.C. Kumpe and was later purchased by Probate Judge William Jackson and his wife, Arrie Young Jackson.

Jackson family inheritors eventually sold the house to Clark Weatherwax who renovated the structure and opened it as a restaurant. After the restaurant closed in the 1980s, it was donated to the City of Moulton and moved to College Street on a lot owned by the Lawrence County Board of Education.

With detailed woodwork, a wainscoted staircase, high ceilings and a formal parlor on the entry-level, the house is ideal for weddings, fundraisers, bridal or baby showers and family events, Roberts said.

The Jackson House Foundation plans to begin renting the home for special occasions in early 2020.

For more information, call 256-566-6427 or visit www.thejacksonhousefoundation.org.

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