Father’s Day is Sunday, and it’s a very special day in our family because I have one of the best father’s on earth, a great step-father, a wonderful father-in-law, two terrific grandfathers, and my husband is the best step-father my son could ask for. 

We have many men to celebrate in our family this Sunday, but I’d like to take a minute to talk about my dad. 

My dad is a carpenter, so I grew up learning to love the sound of a hammer’s clang and the smell of sawdust. 

I learned how to shoot a nail gun and stain cabinet doors. 

I’ve learned that just because you punch the time clock, your workday isn’t always finished when you come home.

I can’t kill a spider, but I can bait a hook, cast the line and clean the fish, all thanks to my dad. 

I’ve learned that even the unlikeliest of leftovers make a pretty great sandwich the next day with a little mayo and two slices of bread - thanks, dad. 

I learned to dribble a basketball, turn on the water hose, toss a baseball, ride a bicycle, and climb trees in my backyard, all with my dad.

Sorry, dad, I still haven’t learned to fill up my tank when I hit that half empty mark. 

I’ve learned that it’s best to slow down and be thankful for the little things when life gets overwhelming. I learned that through years of watching my dad. 

I’ve learned that you’re just as close to God sitting on your front porch late in the evening as you are sitting in the pew on Sunday morning, again all from my dad.

I hope every child in the world has their own version of these memories with their fathers or grandfathers. I’m so thankful for mine.

Whether you’re a father, a step-father, a grandfather or a son or daughter, cherish these memories you have with the ones who helped raise you and be thankful for those still present in your life.

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