In an almost majority vote, the Courtland City Council voted Monday night in their monthly meeting to start the process of hiring a new full time police officer for the town.

Currently, the town has one full time officer, and relies on part time officers to cover the rest of the shifts.

Town Clerk Vicki Jackson presented a researched estimate to the council that stated that hiring a full time officer and cutting down on part time help would save the city roughly $2500 a month.

The new plan with a newly hired full time officer would be to cut down part time help to just one for the weekend.

The council moved forward with a vote that saw 3-1 in favor of hiring a new full time officer.

The council is still unsure at this time whether they will post the hire or just hire from within.

With most of the state opening back up, the council is faced with decisions about what to do with community buildings, including the depot building in the center of downtown Courtland.

The council posed the question about what would be required of them should they open community buildings back up for rent, looking into social distancing and Covid-19 guidelines handed down by the state.

They decided on opening the depot back up for rent after the 15. The town will make sure it’s clean before the first event, however, anybody that uses the building for an event will be held responsible for cleaning and sanitizing it.

The first event that will take place there after the 15 will be a bridal shower that was booked and paid for prior to the Covid-19 outbreak.

In lieu of paying the rent for the building, a Courtland Citizen has volunteered to freshly paint the building, in which the council agreed.

The city will be applying for a new CBDG grant that will be worth roughly $350,000. The money will go towards helping replace water lines. The city is applying on behalf of West Morgan/East Lawrence water, since they are not eligible to apply on their own.

With election season coming up, the council voted to continue an ordinance that set fees for running for office during the last election season.

Those fees will be $35 for council and $50 for mayor.

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