Workday in Sipsey Wilderness

Volunteer for workday in Sipsey Wilderness.

Join Wild South staff, wilderness rangers and volunteers on Saturday, August 31 for an exciting work day in the Sipsey Wilderness. People who register may meet at Wild South office at 8:30 a.m. “The total walking distance will be approximately less than a mile round trip. Our work locations will keep us in close proximity to the cool waters of Sipsey Fork and Hubbard Creek. Taking a dip is highly recommended,” Wild South staff says. 

The work day will begin with a crosscut demonstration on Borden Creek Trail, removing a large oak tree from the trail with traditional tools. “Certified sawyer or not, come on down and get a chance to pull on a crosscut saw. Talk to our staff and wilderness rangers about how you can become a volunteer wilderness ranger and how you can become certified to use traditional tools on National Forest land,” Wild South staff says. After the traditional tools demonstration, everyone will caravan around to Kinlock Falls to pick up trash around the water and on the road. To end a hard day of work everyone is welcome to swim.

Everyone is encouraged to bring a backpack with work gloves, lunch, snacks, plenty of drinking water, and supplemental electrolytes (Gatorade, coconut water, etc.).  All tools will be provided, but if you have loppers or a hardhat you'd like to bring, please do,” Wild South staff says. Wild South also recommends bringing an Epi-Pen if needed for insect sting allergies. Wild South also kindly recommends no dogs or smoking on work day trips. 

Wild South recommends wearing comfortable clothing that's both appropriate for the weather, as well as protective against sharp tools and briars. “We recommend long pants, and sturdy, closed-toe shoes. If you plan to stay to swim, bring a change of clothes and a towel,” Wild South staff says. Wild South staff also recommends wearing tick repellents such as, Permanmone or Sawyer permethrin products, which should be sprayed on clothing and left to dry for four hours before wearing. “These products do not have strong odors (like other sprays), allowing you to enjoy all the good smells of the forest,” Wild South staff says. Ticks are thriving and numerous this time of year. It’s very important to protect yourself against the diseases they carry. 

To RSVP contact or call (256) 974-6166. Wild south says, “If meeting at the trailhead works best for you, let us know when signing up.”

The Wild South Office is located at 552 Lawrence Street in Moulton.

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