Youth Leadership Lawrence students graduate program

The Youth Leadership Lawrence class of 2019-2020 celebrated their graduation from the program last week. A special ceremony was held for the 26 graduates and their families on the grounds of the Oakville Indian Mounds and Education Center. This year’s YLL group included students from each of Lawrence County’s high schools: Lando Fells, Ashkea Foster, Zakiah Goodlow, Kyle Letson, Grace Ann Johnson, Lillie McGregor, Brayden Flanagan, Elijah McAbee, Zane Harville, Emma Oliver, Gracie Ward, Josie Harville, Bri Bradford, Jillian Fretwell, Ben Michael Bennett, James Huang, Anna Clare Hutto, Katie Jett, Allie Martin, Felicia Patel, Rylee Phillips, Kobe Strange, Candace Terry, Adi Proctor, Bella Claire McGregory, and Taylor Hood. “In a year full of uncertainty and crisis, getting to this moment to be able to graduate our students for this 2019-2020 year was very special. This graduation celebration was unique and fun being outdoors with games, delicious food, fishing, and great fellowship,” Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Craig Johnston said. “A special thank you to our graduates and their parents, our Program Coordinator Brenda Suski, special speaker Tami Reist of Alabama Mountain Lakes Association, Anna Mullican with the Oakville Indian Mounds Educational Park, the Lawrence County Board of Education, and all others who helped pull off this fun and exciting event.” YLL is a youth program that was initiated in 2004 by the Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce to promote and improve leadership skills among Lawrence County sophomores and juniors.

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