Lawrence County 4-H junior and intermediate students competed in the 4-H Northwest Regional Competition on Friday. 

4-H Leader Marsha Terry said a county competition was held in April, and first-place winners were allowed to advance to the regionals. She said nine other counties participated in the competition last week. 

Six competing students brought home first-place ribbons for their home county, including Shane Terry, Anna Armstrong, Alli Bess Chenault, Jenna Johnson, Madelyn Long and Jackson Barbin.

Terry competed in the public speaking and oration category titled, “Have I got a story,” Marsha Terry said. Students who competed in the category could speak from a book, a movie or a personal story. 

Armstrong, who won first place in the “Chef 4-H” category, prepared a dish in front of a panel of judges, said Terry. Chenault won first-place in the public speaking category titled, “Speak Up Alabama,” and Johnson won first place in a freestyle creative arts category for her artwork.

Long received the first-place award in the “$15 Challenge,” where students were required to assemble an outfit for $15 by shopping at thrift stores, consignment shops or yard sales, Terry said. Long presented her receipts and modeled her outfit for a panel of judges. 

Jackson Barbin also received a first-place ribbon for his participation in the “Poultry Que” category. In this competition, students demonstrated their cooking skills by grilling chicken, said Terry.

Other competing students included Taylor Blaxton, who won third place in the photography category, “The World I Imagine,” Cooper Naylor, who won second place in “Chef 4-H,” Gage Nelson, who received a third-place ribbon in the woodworking competition, and Piper Frith, who won second-place in the extreme birdhouse competition. 

Terry said 4-H Senior I Leaders Kalyn Nelson and Corey Naylor also participated in the regional competition by helping with various jobs throughout the event. They will both compete on the state level, which will be held on July 25 at the Columbiana 4-H Center for Senior I and Senior II age groups. 

Registration is still open for the Senior State Competition, Terry added.

“We are proud of our 4-H students who competed under the 4-H motto: Make the Best Better,” she said. “We also wish the best of luck to our senior students preparing for the state competition next month.”

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