Lawrence County High making special preparations for seniors

Lawrence County Principal Thomas Jones and Assistant Principal Sonya Kilpatrick show off the yard signs the school had made.

Senioritis is a thing that just about high school seniors suffer from, but nobody ever tells you what happens when someone takes care of your senioritis.

The class of 2020 found that out the hard way.

Just like any senior before them, the class of 2020 seniors were no doubt clamoring for the end of their high school careers to come, moving on to the next chapters of their life.

Unfortunately for them, it came sooner than expected.

The arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic closed schools in March and resulted in them staying closed for the rest of the 2019-2020 school year.

The class of 2020 was suddenly faced with the reality that they would not get to enjoy the home stretch of their senior year.

Many schools have swung into action since the closings, doing everything they can to help seniors through the lost time.

Lawrence County High School is joining the club.

The school has been coming up with creative ways to honor their seniors while also providing any help they may need.

"We've been using a lot of virtual methods," said Lawrence County Assistant Principal Sonya Kilpatrick. "We plan to have a virtual awards day for the scholarships and awards these kids have earned. We also have some other things up our sleeves."

While it's a time for honoring those seniors, Kilpatrick said they're using their virtual methods for keeping up with their students as well.

"Our teachers have been in constant communication, calling and emailing. Just checking on them to make sure they're okay," said Kilpatrick. "AP exams are about to start so our AP teachers have been checking in to make sure the students are as prepared as they can be."

"Our teachers have also been making instructional videos that we've been putting on our Red Hot News youtube channel," she continued. "We're trying to use lessons that have real life applications."

Still, other students will get a chance to return, but not the class of 2020 seniors, and the teachers understand that.

"We've had yard signs made for each senior that will be given complimentary when they come to pick up their caps and gowns," Kilpatrick said. "We know this is tough for them so we're trying to make it as good for them as we can."

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