Raffle to benefit restoration and maintenance at the Jackson House

Pictured is an example of an oil painting by Carol Terry. The Jackson House will hold a raffle for a 16-by-20-inch painting of the winners choice by Terry. JHF Director Tammy Roberts said the painting is valued at $320.

The Jackson House Foundation is accepting donations for raffle tickets to offset financial woes after cancelling its annual Spring Celebration in April due to COVID-19.

The foundation began selling raffle tickets for a $1 donation after it announced the event cancellation. For each raffle ticket purchased, the donors will have a shot at winning a 16-by-20-inch oil painting by Carol Terry.

The winner will have their choice of painting valued at $320, JHF Director Tammy Roberts said.

“The winner can submit a photo to Carol and have her paint it,” Roberts explained. “You can submit a family photograph you’d always wanted painted, or a picture of your pet. If someone were to order a painting of that size, that’s the price she would charge.”

Donations may be made online at www.the jacksonhousefoundation.org, or through Venmo to @JacksonHouse-Foundation. When donating for a raffle ticket or tickets, patrons are asked to include their name and phone number in the description box, Roberts said.

Roberts said she hopes to hold the drawing in person during a fundraising event, but without knowing when the spread of COVID-19 will end, she’s reluctant to set a definite date.

Like so many other local organizations, the Jackson House Foundation has had to cancel its latest fundraiser following events from the coronavirus pandemic and emergency health orders put in place by the state.

“I don’t know when we’ll have our next fundraiser,” Roberts said. “We may not be able to have anything until fall. I hope to be able to have a Fall Celebration in place of the Spring Celebration.”

The foundation, which formed in 2011 to refurbish and preserve the historic Jackson House in Moulton, relies on fundraising and grants to pay bills and maintain the house.

The foundation should receive a $2,050 reimbursement grant from the Muscle Shoals National Heritage Area soon following an electrical project JHF recently completed at the house, but Roberts said she has no idea when the check will come.

“The electrical project cost $4,100, and we got a match from Muscle Shoals Heritage,” Roberts said. “That grant goes through the University of North Alabama, but they’re closed right now. We’re in the system, but I think they’ve got one person working in the office. It could be a week from now, or it could be a month.”

Roberts said the Spring Celebration usually brought in close to $7,500.

“That’s why doing this raffle is so important,” she said. “We’ll have a little money coming in to help us out in a pinch until we can get a grant or until we’re able to hold a fundraiser.”

Moulton’s historic Jackson House was built by Judge William Kumpe in the late 1800s. It was later converted to a restaurant owned by the Clark Weatherwax family, who then donated it to the city of Moulton after the restaurant failed. The house was moved in the ‘80s to its present location, at 119 College Street, near Lawrence County High School.

The house has been maintained through fundraising, grant opportunities and private donations since the Jackson House Foundation was formed in 2011.

For more information about the Jackson House or the Spring Celebration, call Tammy Roberts at 256-566-6427, or visit the Jackson House Foundation’s Facebook page.

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