Veteran’s Celebration will not take place this summer

American Legion member Phil Terry talks with celebration attendees at the event’s inaugural inception in 2018

Lawrence County's annual Veteran's Celebration, which started in 2018 and takes place on the Moulton town square, will unfortunately not be happening this summer.

The decision was made recently not to have the event as scheduled.

"I talked with Phil (Terry) and we just felt like the best decision was to postpone it till the fall or maybe just wait until next year," said Stanley Johnson, who helps direct the event. "We just felt it was too complicated. We have a lot of elderly people involved and we don't want to risk their health."

The 2020 edition was set to be the event's third annual celebration. However, as he alluded to before, Johnson says there is still hope to have the event in the fall, even though he will be very tired up with cross country.

"We're looking at possibly having the event in the fall. It's tough because fall's a busy time for me with cross country," Johnson said. "Obviously the event doesn't revolve around me, but I'm very involved with the planning and directing of the event. Still, there are a couple of weekends we're looking at possibly moving it to."

The celebration started in 2018 as a spin off of the Strawberry Festival, which Johnson also helps organize.

"The past two years we've had a presentation honoring our veterans at the strawberry festival. I missed the first one unfortunately but I was able to see the one this year," Johnson said in an interview in 2018. "I was very moved by the presentation. Afterwards I went to Phil and I told him that we can do a fundraiser for them and we just kept moving forward from there."

All the proceeds of the event go to the American Legion Post #25, but in reality all the money will be for any veteran that needs help.

"We want people to know that the money we raise isn't just for veterans at the American Legion Post #25 but for any veteran that needs our help," said Philip Terry, a member of the American Legion in an interview from 2018.

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