Alabama Bicentennial Exhibit open in Moulton until Saturday

Moulton Middle School gym hosts the exhibit that has traveled to 20 other Alabama counties besides Lawrence so far this year. 

The Making Alabama Bicentennial Traveling Exhibit will be open in Lawrence County three more days—until Saturday, July 27.

The exhibit, which opened at the historic Moulton Middle School gym on July 8, features interactive displays detailing key events throughout Alabama history. Each of the state’s 67 counties will have hosted the traveling exhibit by December this year in celebration of Alabama’s bicentennial, according to the Making Alabama website. 

Each host is encouraged to incorporate exhibits and displays of their own to highlight historic events specific to their communities. Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Craig Johnston, who organized the layout for Lawrence County’s exhibit, said more than 10 displays unique to the county have been added to the state exhibit.

“There are some new exhibits that have arrived since the opening,” Johnston said. “We’re still getting amazing attendance every day.”

The exhibit is open free to the public at Moulton Middle School gym from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. this week until Saturday before the temporary museum moves on to another county next month.

According to the Making Alabama online schedule, in August, the exhibit will travel to the Greene County seat of Eutaw, and to the Shelby County Arts Council Complex in Columbiana.

Lawrence County was the only exhibit host scheduled for the entire month of July.

Local additions to the exhibit include displays from the Jesse Owens Museum, the Courtland Heritage Museum and Historic downtown Courtland, Pond Spring, Wild South, the Lawrence County Archives, Oakville Indian Mounds and Education Center, Old Bethel Baptist Church, Town Creek and the former Hazlewood High School, the Lawrence County History and Preservation Society and more. 

The displays are made up of historic artifacts, storyboards, antique photographs and interactive kiosks that help retell the histories of Alabama and the histories of Lawrence County. 

For more information about the Making Alabama Bicentennial Exhibit, visit

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